"Now, let the show begin!"
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“Now, let the show begin!”


“Now, let the show begin!”


Heavy oversized slatwall displays, are now a thing of the past! What’s the replacement, you might ask? A brand new product that is globally available, GOGOpanels. These panels are constructed using a rugged polymer blend of ABS plastics. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Although each panels weighs less than five pounds, it is capable of supporting over 100 lbs of product evenly distributed across its five standard size slats.

“It took us less than 20 minutes to assemble our entire 10×10!”

Comments like this are becoming the ‘NORM’, when it comes to GOGOpanels! This is just the beginning of the positive impact that this product will have in years to come! Can you imagine setting up at 10X100 in less than four hours? Or completely change your booth design every show, with little to no additional expense? Well, now you can. The team here at GOGOpanels is here for you, and always ready to help!

We have a vendor network of outstanding exhibit houses that can provide anything you need for trade show success! From printing, customizing, and designing the perfect trade show booth for you and your business, we have you covered! We are looking forward to hearing your success stories and adding you to the ever growing list of satisfied customers!

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