Slatwall Trade Show Displays

  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Snaps together
  • Made of high-impact plastics
  • Uses standard slatwall fixtures
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" I am so impressed with your product! ....We do a few shows per year, set up is such a hassle...your product is genius. Thanks! - Risa"

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GOGO Panels trade show displays provide innovative solutions and a truly modular slat wall trade show display. 

GOGO Panels was brought to the Market for the first time in 2015. Its innovative adaptability to any display location has made this product a TOP Product in its class.

This product is made of an ultra durable ABS blended polymer which provides indoor and outdoor event use without compromising on structural integrity. Because of its dynamic panel connector system, the same panels can be configured in seemingly infinite ways. This has created an extremely cost effective solution for small businesses using the same trade show display in their retail store as they do for an exhibit.

Few trade show displays can have both an ultra-lightweight design that minimizes shipping cost, and provides a solution that almost everyone can benefit from!


One Example of Hundreds of Possibilities with GOGO Panels Trade Show Displays...

GOGO Panels is a trade show display system that is intended to be used with standard slat wall accessories and fixtures. However, GOGO Panels can be used as a stand-alone back drop or graphic panel. This is achieved by the installation of laminate, vinyl, or fabric graphics applied to the slat wall front or solid back of the panels. This versatility, rigid strength, and Ultra-light weight design have made GOGO Panels a top seller in its class.

Unlike standard pop up display systems, GOGO Panels are capable of displaying product that weighs up to 40lbs per slat, with an overall weight capacity of approximately 100lbs per 2’x2’ panel. We recommend that 32 panels be used to construct an intricate and captivating 10x10 trade show display. With a trade show booth designed in a structurally sound manner, using 32panels, GOGO Panels can hold approximately 3,000lbs spread out over an entire system.

An immense amount of thought, testing, and market research was put into the design of GOGO Panels Trade Show Booths. Until the global market release of GOGO Panels in early 2015, no product of its nature was readily available to the world trade show exhibits market. GOGO Panels’ revolutionary design and simple yet practical application has shattered the former pop up display and displays to go market.

During the material selection process for GOGO Panels tradeshow displays, many lightweight materials were tested for their durability and their reliability necessary for continual use. ABS Plastic proved itself to be the material of choice. We noted that its mechanical properties resulted in a trade show display that is impact resistant with incredible toughness. Also, ABS does not lose its resilience and reliability even when exposed to temperatures as low as -4°F and as hot as 174°F. This ensured insured its versatile adaptability to climates and shipping temperatures it would encounter around the world. Great care was given to ensuring that the injection molding process of the trade show displays was conducted at the ideal temperature range. This affectively ensures the gloss and heat resistance of the product while still maintaining the highest impact resistance and strength.

GOGO Panels’ internal connector system provides its user with a NO TOOLS REQUIRED, ultra-lightweight, durable, and eye catching trade show booth for almost any occasion. Seemingly limitless configurations can be achieved with a basic set of connectors. This provides the perfect modular and portable display system for indoor and outdoor use. We do not, however, recommend prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

So, it is time to stop throwing money away on shipping and breaking your back setting up those outdated displays! With much consideration to every aspect of GOGO Panels manufacturing and versatile ease of use demands, we are proud to stand behind this revolutionary trade show exhibit.

We are confident that you will be overly satisfied with our product and customer service!

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