Part 2: RESEARCH Before Creating a Trade Show Strategy
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Part 2: RESEARCH Before Creating a Trade Show Strategy


Part 2: RESEARCH Before Creating a Trade Show Strategy


When was the last time you analyzed your targeted consumers?

Absolutely yes. We understand how it important it is to know who you’re selling too.  We also realize that you probably already know that.  We just want to emphasize that when developing a trade show strategy, you must keep your target market in mind.  Especially if you attend the trade show, and find out later that barely any of your targeted consumers were actually there.  Imagine how much of your investment goes down the drain?  Therefore, focusing on your targeted consumers is essential to developing the most beneficial trade show strategy.


To help guide you in the right direction, here are a few questions to consider when creating the best trade show strategy ever.


How do you reach your target market at a trade show?

This should be broken down into how you get trade show attendees flocking to your booth with marketing tactics you already use, and could use.  Also, how does your product or service actually reach your consumers physically outside of a trade show?

Next, think about the characteristics of your target market.


What is their buying behavior?

What is their preferences and needs?  You are more than likely aware of this.  With having a hold of that information, you can then use it to better develop your trade show strategy for the event.

Last but definitely not least, think about what you discovered in part one.


What key words emphasize the most meaning about your company?

  • What words explain things best?  
  • What is your mission?  
  • Why do you believe these products or services are important to have? 
  • Are those qualities able to be illustrated through graphics?  
  • Can they be used for marketing content related to the trade show?

You want to make sure that if people are learning about your company for the first time, you don’t want them to leave confused.  You also want to become memorable so that when they realize they need a product or service like yours, the first thing that comes to their mind is your company, (since you made such a good impression on them at the trade show).

To learn more about how to successfully gain leads at a trade show read this here.  


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We hope this helps guide you in a more clear direction.  Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas!

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