9 Tips & Tricks for Your First Trade Show
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9 Tips & Tricks for Your First Trade Show

9 Tips & Tricks for Your First Trade Show

We all know a first for anything can sometimes be a little nerve wracking.  Therefore, to help your first trade show seem a little less intimidating, here are some tips and tricks to help get you on your way.

To start, let’s talk about what to do before hand.


First…Check the List, and Check it Twice 


It is important to see who is going to be there beforehand.  That way you have a good amount of time to do some research and figure out what your goals are for the show.

Find out is it worth your time to meet everyone attending or just a few?  Do you and some of the guests have mutual friends or acquaintances?  Do the guests have any connections that you need to take advantage of?  These are all really great questions to ask and answer at least a week before the show.


Second…Know the Layout


Get a sneak peek of how the show will look.  Know where your booth is going to be located; where your biggest competitors are; any prospects might be hanging out at the most (other than hopefully your place), and where food/restrooms are located.   


Get an idea of how everything will be set up, that way you won’t waste any time trying to find where things are during the show.


Next…Prepare Your Strategy


While you are taking a look at the event layout, think about all of the other booths you must hit, then come up with a plan to visit them all.  Coming up with a strategy is so important, especially when you are trying to get the most bang for your buck.  Trade Shows only happen every so often.  You can make a huge ROI if you use your time wisely and do it right.  Therefore, strategize ahead of time.  Focus on things such as, who you want to target, what you want to accomplish, and how you are going to do it.


Last but not least…Have “Pick-up Lines” & Techniques Ready To Go


While you are coming up with your strategy, how do you plan on talking with your customers?  Do you have a way of selling that normally leads to good results?  Do you think it will work in this setting?  What is the best way to get the most people interested in your product and wanting to learn more?  Be prepared to know how to wow these people so they spend their valuable time with you, rather than at the booth next store.


It is good to know the next following tips for once the show starts….


Be aware of your competitors


As I mentioned earlier, you should find out where your competitors are located.  Especially so you are aware of who they are if you don’t know them all already.  That way if they come up to you trying to scope out your booth, you won’t waste your sales pitch on them.  More than likely they will try to come over and get an idea of what you are doing.

Therefore, it is always good to first ask who they are, and what brought them to your booth.  By doing that you have an idea of what is working to bring people in that are interested in your company, and whether or not they really are excited to learn more about you.


Make it Fun


A big part of getting people to your booth is your booth display.  You must find a way to make it stand out amongst the others and make it truly lure people in.  Otherwise if people don’t know who you are, what is going to make them want to find out who you are?

With that said, make it “festive,” and make it fun.  Think of ways to make it stand out in a good way, while still keeping it related to who you are as a company.


Take notes


This part is so, so, important.  It is what helps get to you to the next step, which is following up with your recently acquired leads.  In order to help tailor any thank you cards or welcome emails, you must take notes.  Take specific ones too.  

For example, what does the person look like, what is their name, what did you guys talk about, and what are they primarily interested in when it comes to your product?

Would they like to learn more about a particular item, were they hesitant about anything, and were they even interested at all?  Keep track of everything you can if possible.  It will certainly help you out in the long run.  A good idea is to collect business cards and write down a few details that will jog your memory in the future on the back of them.


Now, what to do after?


Organize ASAPorganize-300x300

Once you have seen all that you can see, and wrote down notes so you’ll never forget it – organize it all.  Start by making A, B, and C leads.  Put them in different categories like what I mentioned earlier.  Such as what they are interested in, any hesitations, and if they are curious about anything at all, etc.  Make the leads you have the best chance with acquiring a sale with as A clients, then so on.  


Once that’s all in order you can start with the follow ups.


Follow up


Don’t wait until the last minute for these.  It is important to do them as soon as possible while it is still in your memory, and theirs.  Also, if you beat your competitors to it, it gives you an advantage.

Following up is crucial.  If you want to continue the relationship and build a lead into a customer, you must take this part seriously.  The more personable it is the better too.  Don’t make it creepy though.  Just remind them that they are important, your conversation was memorable, and that you are there to help if they ever need it.  Do not make it “salesy” either.  Rather, make it unique and tailored to each customer.  It may take a little more time, but I can assure you, you will stand out in a good way.  Follow those guidelines pictured below while creating your follow up messages.




Good luck at your first show!  We hope you blow it out of the water!

Let us know which ones you plan on attending, maybe we will see you there!

And remember, if you are ever unsatisfied with your booth display, we will always be here to lend a helping hand.


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