6 Reasons Why Slatwall Displays Can Save You Time and Money
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6 Reasons Why Slatwall Displays Can Save You Time and Money


6 Reasons Why Slatwall Displays Can Save You Time and Money

As you may already know, trade shows can be a big part of a company’s marketing budget.  Since a significant amount of that budget goes to such an investment, doing it right is crucial.  With that said a lot of expenses go toward designing a trade show display.  However, there are ways to save money with that, and often companies think getting expensive custom exhibits are necessary.  Though there are other things to consider….


Here are 6 Reasons Why Slatwall Displays Can Save You Money and Time




Not one space for a trade show booth is going to be the same at another event.  If you attend multiple trade shows, getting a custom exhibit done every time that is unique to each show costs a lot of money.  If you make a one time purchase of slatwall displays you can configure the design differently every time.  In other words you have your own super flexible and durable displays to go.  Not only that but having lightweight panels that require no tools in order to build it not only saves you money but time as well.

The tractability slatwall displays bring allows companies to design and create new graphics or arrangements without having to purchase an entirely new exhibit each time.  With slat wall displays you can display your way without breaking the bank or taking up too much time.


Super Easy to Use

GOGO Panels_Trade Show Displays slatwall-displays GOGO Panel-trade show displays

It’s an understatement to say that slatwall displays are easy to use.  Pretty much anyone could do it.  They’re made to be easy to assemble and just as easy to break down.  Sometimes it takes hours upon hours to put together a custom display because so much can go into it.  You may even have to pay extra for people to set it up.  With a modular display, you can get your booth up in running in no time and have some extra time to spare to do other important things.

Graphics can also be easily placed onto the panels in very little time.  Which eliminates the costs of banners and signs.  This presents so many opportunities because the possibilities are pretty much endless.   If you find out the slatwall displays you currently have are too small for the space you’ll be using for your next event, all you have to do is order some more.  You wouldn’t have to redesign the whole exhibit in order to make it fit into a larger space.


Easy Upgrades


Sometimes there is no way out of changing an already made custom exhibit.  Which can be quite difficult when a new product gets launched or your company’s information has changed.  Especially right before a trade show.

With a slatwall display, you can easily take a part of a section, or two, however many you like, and replace it with something else.  That way you can always have the most current information and creative appeal that best expresses your company just in time for the show.


Costs a lot Less


As you can imagine, with all of the possible savings that have already been mentioned, purchasing slatwall displays costs a lot less than getting a custom designed exhibit for each show.  You can save on I&D, drayage, and storage by skipping out on the custom orders.  That means more money can be spent on advertising, social media marketing, promotional items, bringing more employees, etc. etc.  Plus, a lot of companies that choose custom exhibits run into the issue of having wrong information on their final design.  If they have to change information, there might not be money left in the budget, or no time.  On the other hand, with slatwall displays to go, it’s super easy to just switch out a panel and get another one shipped immediately.  


Shipping Made Simple

GOGO Shipping Box

Which brings us to shipping costs.  Everyone’s favorite.  Luckily since slatwall displays are easy to break down, they are easier to prepare for shipping.  It doesn’t take much to box them up, especially since they’re light too.  Since they are so compact, the costs to ship them are minimal compared to the cost of moving a rather large custom display from one place to another, which doesn’t always break down into smaller pieces.

With the slatwall displays that are available today, companies can still create the look and fill of a custom display but have it shipped more quickly, less hassle, and about half the cost.  Imagine how much nicer it would be if you didn’t have to go through the same process of getting another custom exhibit design for a different trade show.  Instead you could use your flexible and versatile slatwall displays to reconfigure a new design.



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It’s important to know that slatwall displays are not just for trade shows.  You can use them in the store, in the office, at home….pretty much anywhere you can think of where you could use some storage and/or a place to display things.  You can use them in place of a sign with having the ability to put graphics on them or you can use them to hang things like clothes.  These “trade show displays” can even be used for backdrops for a speaking event.  They have the capability to be adaptable to almost any situation.  Which once again, saves you time and money.

IMG_2286 IMG_0394

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To learn more about our own slatwall displays, make sure to check out our home page at gogopanels.com

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