4 Ways to Incorporate Your Business Into Your Booth Display
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4 Ways to Incorporate Your Business Into Your Booth Display

4 Ways to Incorporate Your Business Into Your Booth Display

Are you in the process of designing a new display for a special event?  Or are you about to completely revamp your typical trade show booth design?  Whatever it is, the design process should always be taken seriously with much thought put into it along with much strategic reasoning.

That’s where we come in.  We are here to help guide you in the design process so you can better reach and please your target audience.  Whether that is using our own services or just taking our advice, we are here to help.

Event attendees always have a million questions for you.  Therefore the experts have come to find ways on answering some of those questions by implementing them into the designs of their booth.  With that said, we have listed 4 of the most common questions asked that you can answer for your guests before they even have to ask.


  1. Express Who You are


One of, if not the most important thing visitors need to know after leaving your booth is a good understanding of who you are.  Not just by what products/services you offer but the purpose of your business.  So many consumers want to feel connected and understand what your business stands for but they can’t always get that by asking a few simple questions.  Therefore designing your story into your booth design is important.  

Make sure to incorporate your core values into your exhibit.  Storytelling and purpose is vital.  That is why it is necessary to create a brand image that reflects who you are as a business so people already have an idea right as they’re walking up to meet you.


  1. Define the Problems You Strive to Solve


Businesses wouldn’t exist without problems.  For every business concept, there is a desire to solve an issue.  If this is something you haven’t considered lately, take a moment and evaluate what your core problem might be and how your business aims to address it.  By thinking about the solution you are trying to offer in the mindset of the consumer, this will help better direct you to your design efforts.


  1. Point Out What Makes Your Brand Unique


Being unique is so important because it is what helps you stand out.  A lot of companies if not all believe they are unique.  Yet, they may not successfully make themselves stand out in the most positive way.  By thinking of ideas on how to make your exhibit convey a one of a kind message will help distinguish you amongst your competitors.  To do this, think of how you can tell your customers what your brand offers that others don’t in a creative aspect.  Is it convenience, luxury, affordability, etc?  Make sure the answer to this remains clear in your display design without always spelling it out.


  1. What To Do When They’re Interested

So you’ve reached this final step and have successfully found ways to express who you are.  What next?  The last thing to incorporate into your design is how to let your customers know what to do if they are interested in learning more.  Of course you want them to talk to one of your employees working the show, but what if for some reason they miss their chance?  You don’t want them to walk away not knowing what the next step is.  This could be driving them to your website or a social media venue.
Now since you have an idea of what to incorporate for your next design booth, hopefully you’ll start seeing more of a return on investment.  However, if you really want to get the most out of your display and do not have much experience with it, we know just the people who can help with that.  Remember, we are always here to help.  Especially when it involves creating meaningful, lightweight, and unique booth displays.

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