Top Summer Trade Shows for Fashion Lovers
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Top Summer Trade Shows for Fashion Lovers


Top Summer Trade Shows for Fashion Lovers


Summer is finally here.  Every hot season comes with exciting getaways, tropical sunsets, and super flirty fashion.  How do trade shows play into that?  A lot of those cute summer outfits we see in stores or online came from a trade show.  Trade shows may not be your ideal place to travel to in the summer, but if you are an entrepreneur looking for exciting opportunities to build your business, especially in the fashion industry, these 9 Top Summer Trade Shows should be something to consider adding to your planner.

Believe it or not, over half the attendees at trade shows stand for potential customers. 

Trade shows grant you the ability to not only find new leads, but look for employees or partners too.  For example, a lot of trade shows offer an array of talents.  From manufacturers, designers, buyers, brands, it’s a great place to look for people who can enhance your business in all areas.  

Not happy with your supplier?  Go to a trade show relative to your industry, and you may be surprised at all of the options available.  Trade shows are a huge opportunity to show off your goods as a business, network with potential customers, speak with industry experts, and connect with various manufacturers and suppliers.  It’s a win-win scenario.

To get the most out of your business ventures this summer, we recommend attending any of these 9 trendy shows.


“More than 100 million people attend nearly 15,000 trade shows each year across the United States.”-Shetara Edden



Do you have a passion for fashion?  This show is the largest fashion market place to date.  With around ten exclusive fashion districts, you can find the newest trends in accessories, apparel, footwear, and more.


At the event you will find over 2,000 beginners to well established labels ready to flaunt their stuff.  Limited networking events are available, fashion forecasts will be predicted, seminars will be offered, and the list goes on.  Not only that, but with the Sourcing at Magic program, they will be offering tips on emerging technology and trends.  Along with connecting you with designers or prospects that can help you set your brand apart from the others.  You must get there a day early to participate.

We suggest checking out their site and seeing if this is the right stop for you.

August 15-17, 2016, Las Vegas Convention Center, NV




Personify yourself as the next best thing at the Capsule show.  Here you can find popular designers from around the globe.  Capsule combines the sharp progressive brands to the straightforward solo designers.  This show is somewhat confidential from hosting some of the world’s most directional fashion designers.  Lucky for us, we get many chances to attend this year.

July 10-12, 2016, NY, NY – S/S 2017 NEW YORK MEN’S

July 15-17, 2016, Las Vegas, NV – S/S 2017 LAS VEGAS MEN’S & WOMEN’S

August 15-17, 2016, Las Vegas – S/S 2017 LAS VEGAS

September 17-19, 2016, NY, NY – S/S 2017 NEW YORK WOMEN’S RTW




If you’re looking for diversity, Agenda is the place.  Everything from buyers to media frenzy flock to this magical place.  It is known as the most diverse and unique fashion exhibit in the world.  This is a lifestyle fashion event, so it’s not just clothes, it’s anything you can get your hands on fashion.  Sounds like something definitely worth putting on your agenda.


June 29-30, 2016, Long Beach

July 18-19, 2016, Miami

August 15-17, 2016, Las Vegas





Fusing together shores from around the globe, Coast is becoming a permanent driving force in the world of fashion.”-Shetara Eden


Similar to Magic, but a more low key, Coast offers the most recent trends while connecting designers and retailers from all over the world.  What’s nice about this event too is that it’s very personalized.  Since it’s smaller, exhibitors are able to get more one on one time with buyers.  This is also a juried show so all people participating must be approved before showtime.

July 18-19, 2016, Miami, FL




Now we all know fashion isn’t just about the ladies.  The men need their spotlight too.  Luckily there is a show that is held twice a year, dedicated to all things men.  


This event is a little bit more intimate than Magic, since only 3 sections are usually featured, such as accessories, footwear, and apparel.  People from all over come to New York to join in on the fashion innovations and popular contemporary looks for today’s fashionable gentlemen.

July 17-19, 2016, Jacob Javits Center, New York


Swim Show

What better way to celebrate summer than going to a trade show that is all about it?  This is the biggest and most compelling swimsuit show around.  


It’s essential for the industry and has been referred to as the commercial landing pad.  Over 3000 buyers from 60 different countries attend the world’s largest swimsuit trade show every year.

July 16-19 , 2016, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach



AmericasMart Atlanta Apparel

This event is the nation’s top home furnishings, gift, and apparel all inclusive event.  It is the ultimate product destination right in the center of the global crossroads.  They offer various collections that are meant to please just about any retailer.  They want it to be the ultimate place to find the products of the season.  There’s everything from home furnishings, to children’s clothing, even bridal and social apparel.  It’s almost overwhelming, but if you are looking for several types of fashionable items, this is the place to be.

July 12-19, 2016, AmericasMart, Atlanta


TexWorld USA

So in order to get the trendiest clothes, you must have the material to make them.   That’s where TexWorld USA comes in.  Designers and buyers can search for the next IT pattern, while suppliers get to display what they think is the next best thing.  There is the perfect mix of bright intense colors, real quality materials, super intricate designs and simple affordable layouts.  If you are looking for new innovative ways to use textiles, this might be a great place for you.

July 12-14, 2016, New York, NY


Licensing Expo

What’s the best part about this particular show?  We will be attending it!  This event has been around for over 36 years and is the reason for where many of the products we are familiar with today, came to life.  This show does have fashion, but it has much much more.  


At the Licensing Expo you can find various products or services from the entertainment industry, art, corporate, consumer goods, licensees, retailers, and so on.  Here you can most definitely keep an eye out for trends, but you also have the opportunity to secure great partnerships with strategic planners in your industry.  If you are looking to grow your business, this is a great place to find people who can help you do that.  

June 21-23, 2016, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

No matter what show you choose, we hope it’s the right one for you!


Let us know if you’re attending any of these this summer, or any that we’d miss.  We always love hearing from our guests.


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