10 Things to Double Check Before You Head to the Show
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10 Things to Double Check Before You Head to the Show


10 Things to Double Check Before You Head to the Show

Do you have everything?   

Are you sure?

There’s nothing you’re missing?

 Just in case you need to double check…we’ve got you covered.

Most of you have done this before, but there always seems to be one or two things that somehow slip our minds.  You know, the forgotten items that leave you with the inevitable reaction…”how in the world did I forget that?”  We’re human, stuff happens, we know that.  So that’s why we wanted to remind you of the most common things people forget to help the inevitable become avoidable.

Trade show items - Pain Relievers

1. Ibuprofen 

For the obnoxious booth next door that you get to stand next to all day long.  Headaches are definitely a possibility when you are working all day trying to win people over.  Make sure you are ready for whatever comes your way by maintaining a positive and healthy mood.

2. Sources of Energy

Things like Red Bull, Coca Cola, Starbucks, etc. can be necessary for having to repeat yourself all day long.  However, be mindful.  Caffeine comes with a crash so make sure you choose your drink/snack wisely or it could be kicking you in the butt later.





3. Band-Aids 

Having a first aid kit handy not only stops any blood from getting anywhere but it shows that you’ve come prepared.  People love knowing when someone has got it under control.  They will feel more comfortable trusting you with their wallet if they know you care enough, and are smart enough, to bring some bandages just in case things get messy.


4.  Aromatherapy Wipes 

These can do wonders and they’re a good alternative from the crash of caffeine.  Plus, the refreshing scent of lavender or eucalyptus could distract people from the enticing food tray strolling by.  



5. Tool Kit 

A handy dandy tool kit with scissors and duct tape is a must.  Same thing as the first aid kit, if you’re prepared, you are really going to impress your customers.




6. Video monitor hooked to Twitter feed

People are attracted to popularity.  If other people are talking about it, they have to know to.  It’s like we have a fear of missing out.  Therefore, if you are visually showing your product being talked about in real time, they are going to want to hop on that band wagon and get with the trend.


OR if you want to go totally old school…grab a polaroid.  Same concept here.  The cool thing about this is if you have any top notch people come by your booth, you can immediately document, then show it off immediately.

You know those restaurants with all the celebs on the wall?  Some how because of it, the food usually tastes better.  That’s the idea here too.






7. Water

Lots and lots of water.  Yes, there may be a snack booth available, but there are going to be moments when you just don’t have time.  

And you don’t want to be this guy. 


Be this guy instead.

8. Swag or Free stuff!  

You already know this, everybody wants Swag!  Basically, if you don’t have free stuff or awesome new swag to hand out, it’s going to be a lot harder attracting people to come hang with you at your awesome exhibit.


9. Insoles

You’re going to be standing on your feet all day long. You want to make sure you come prepared for that.

   Insoles are the best to add a little cushion when you need it most, so you can stay a little friendlier when the competition is talking smack.  At the end of the day, you definitely want to be this guy.  Someone with feet that are ready to conquer anything.



10. Thank you cards

Beat your competitors to the finish line, and let your guests know you are thankful for them stopping by.  Tell them if they’d like more info they can find it at such and such; and that you appreciate they took the time to check you out.  Everyone loves to feel appreciated, especially when they least expect it.

Now you can leave with a smile on your face, and hopefully with a heavier pocket too.



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